TP Changes, Seasons Update and More!

Nov 12, 2021

Traveling Changes.


Most towny teleports have been disabled. Through towny, players can now only teleport to their own town spawn, and their own nation capital spawn.

All other town/nation spawns have been disabled to encourage more localized RP and promote the use of boats/roads.


Players now have access to one magical tpa per day. This tpa will cost money in game and have a 5 second warmup time.

If the tpa is canceled due to player movement/damage, or the other player declines it, the day long cooldown will kick into effect and the funds will still be removed from the player's account. This feature is still subject to change.

Roads & Boots of Traveling

Following the removal of most towny teleports, we decided to add the "Boots of Traveling" as an item you can purchase from the spawn shop.

While wearing these boots, the wearer will receive a Road-Buff when walking on defined road materials. The Road-Buff gives the wearer a speed boost which lasts just over a second, and allows the boots work on roads made of composite materials such as a path with a mix of grass, coarse dirt, and path blocks as well.

While wearing these boots:

  • When walking on a road, the player will receive a Road-Buff consisting of Speed V and Weakness X.
  • If the player has 9 hearts or less, the Road-Buff effects are canceled and they recieve a Slowness IV effect.
  • If damaging another player (animals don't count), the wearer takes all the damage.

Current road materials:

  • Andesite (block, slab, stairs)
  • Bricks (block, slab, stairs)
  • Cobblestone (block, slab, stairs)
  • Nether Brick (block, slab, stairs)
  • Stone Brick (block, slab, stairs)
  • Blackstone
  • Grass Path
  • Gravel

Vanilla Horses

The mcMMO Horses plugin has been causing backend issues on the server for a while now because it is so out of date. Due to the introduction of the Boots of Traveling, we will be removing mcMMO Horses and go back to vanilla horses until we can find a better replacement. It is recommended you keep your horse outside if you do not want it removed with the plugin.


Higher than normal cosmic activity has been noted by astronomers around Alathra. It is not yet known what is causing this phenomenon, but they predict we'll start seeing meteor showers more often around the world.

Whenever a meteor is about to strike, a message will announce it's approximate landing location to everyone online. Within the landing zone you can expect to see different valuable materials scattered by the meteor. If you are extra lucky, the meteor may even contain a loot barrel holding anything from bulk quantities of basic building materials to more rare and valuable items.

Meteors will not break or remove any blocks when they land on the ground, and after 1 hour they will despawn along with any unclaimed loot.


*No resource pack required*

As seasons change, so will the world. During each season you may notice changes in color of foliage, water, and the sky to reflect the feel of each season. Every season is unique and has its own passive mechanics to learn and experience. For example, in Fall the leaves will turn orange and mobs might spawn with a pumpkin head. In winter it becomes snowy, and the cold may affect unprotected crops.

With the seasons also comes an official in-game calendar. This calendar aligns with the seasons so you can tell how long you have until the next season change. Currently, each month is 250 Minecraft days long, and each season is 2 months. This means a Minecraft season lasts for about one week in real life, and a full year is about one month.

You can view the current date and season in game by typing /seasons

Season Overview


Foliage will turn green-ish-blue, similar to ice biomes (with some exceptions). The sky will become more white and water will turn a dark-blue to give a colder, winter-y feel.

Show will fall instead of rain, and the falling snow will build up on the ground before melting away at the start of the next season.

Crops will not grow during winter if unprotected. Crops must be sheltered from the elements either underground or in a building to grow.

Nights will be slightly longer, and days will be shorter.

*Dynmap will not update during the winter. This is because Dynmap only updates chunks when they are loaded and would create inconsistencies in large areas that are only half covered in snow.

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*Server resource pack needed*

Discord emojis are being added to the game! They work the same way in game as Discord. For exmaple, :whycry: will show the :whycry: emote! We do not plan to add every Discord emoji to the game in order keep the server resource pack loading times low, but we have currently added most AlathraMC emojis and a few common default Discord emojis. Over time we plan to slowly add more emojis to the game (and Discord).

The server resource pack is required to see the emojis. If you choose not to have it on, you will see random characters (letters) in place of the emojis.

Do /emojis for the complete list of emojis currently available.