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Start of a War

  1. You must have a valid casus belli that was approved by staff to declare a war. To have your casus belli approved make a ticket in the discord. Additionally you must have demands for the war that are deemed to be fair (fair war demands can be found at the bottom of this page).
  2. After your war declaration has been approved you need to make a war declaration in the war declaration channel.
  3. Once you make the war declaration the 24hr grace period begins. During the 24hr grace period no fighting of any kind is allowed.
  4. After the 24hr grace period the Town Spawn of any town in the war can not be moved. (In the case of any allies or mercenaries joining the war after the 24hr grace period, once they post in the war declaration announcing their involvement they can not move their Town Spawn.)
  5. Staff must be informed of any allies or mercenaries that are joining the war to add them into the war plugin. No one outside of the war plugin is allowed to take part in fighting in the war.
  6. Staff will make a special war ticket for the leaders of both sides of the war to discuss the war, in this ticket they should pick a siege date and time. If they have not picked a siege date and not made any progress towards a siege date within 3 days of the war declaration then the siege date and time will be set to the next saturday at 1 pm est.

Allies & Mercenaries

  1. Allies can join wars using the Call To Arms casus belli. You should check this casus belli before a war begins as there are requirements you need to meet to be able to join a war as an ally. Many of these requirements must be done before a war is declared.
  2. Mercenaries can join wars using the Mercenary casus belli. However mercenaries experience mercenary fatigue after a war preventing them from joining another war for a while. So mercenaries should be careful when deciding what wars to do mercenary work in.
  3. Mercenary towns can be knocked out of war if they fail to defend their town against a siege. Allies are not knocked out of the war if they fail to defend their town against a siege.

Fighting a War


  1. Sieges are battles at towns where the opposing side of the war fights to take control of the Towns Spawn.
  2. Sieges can only take place at scheduled times either agreed upon by both sides of the war or if both sides can not agree on a time defaulting to Saturdays at 1pm est.
  3. When the siege time comes any town in the war can be sieged including allies and mercenary towns. Multiple sieges can happen at the same time so towns on both sides of the war can come under siege at the same time and multiple towns on both sides of the war can be sieged at the same time.
  4. It costs 2.5k to start a siege on a town. If the attackers win the siege they gain either 2.5k from the defending towns bank and their 2.5k back or if the defending towns bank has more than 10k in it 25% of the defending towns bank and their 2.5k back. If the defenders win the siege they gain the 2.5k the attackers used to start the siege.
  5. The key to winning a siege is a Towns Spawn. During a siege the Towns Spawn becomes a control point. Attackers win if they get their control of the Town Spawn to 100% and defenders win if they prevent this from happening for 1 hour. Attackers gain control progress for the Town Spawn by having more people on the Town Spawn then the defenders. Defenders can reduce the amount of control progress the attackers have made by keeping attackers off the Town Spawn for at least 2 minutes. The radius of the Town Spawn control point is roughly 10 blocks in all directions including vertically around the Town Spawn
  6. A town can not be sieged twice in the same day.

Winning a War

  1. The first way to win a war is by having the opposing side of the war surrendering.
  2. The second way to win a war is by winning sieges on all the towns of the opposing side of the war (allies and mercenary towns do not need to be sieged to win a war). Once a town loses a siege it is considered defeated. The members of this town may still fight in the war (except for mercenary towns) but if all towns on one side of a war (excluding allies and mercenaries) are defeated that side loses the war.

Post War Payment

  1. Once a war ends there will usually be some form of treaty or payment between the two sides of the war. This isn’t required but it is typical. We at large leave this part of war up to players but there are some payments or demands that we do not allow unless both sides of the war consent to them.

Valid War Demands

  1. Payment - Up to 60% of a town or nation's bank in money, items, or a combination of the two. (Can take up to 60% of the bank of a town a siege was won against or the nation's bank.)(Items value is determined by the world economies current value for the item.)
  2. Treaties or Agreements - Can range from simple non aggression pacts to vassalage and everything in between.
  3. Monument - You can require a monument to be built but the size and materials of the monument must be reasonable and a schematic or design must be supplied. (Shouldn’t be over 100 blocks high made out of gold and diamonds and the monument must be approved by staff).
  4. Join your nation - If the town(s) are within the 1k block limit for nations they can be added into your nation.
  5. Removal of nation leader - You can have the nation leader changed to another town leader in the nation or if your town is close enough to the nation to be part of it you can make your town the nation leader. You can not remove a town leader from any town.

Demands Based on Casus Belli

  1. Removal of town leader - Can remove the town leader and replace them with a player of your choosing. (Only if Usurper, Rebellion (against town), Land Protection, National Security, or Restoration casus belli were used to start the war).
  2. Deletion of town - Can delete the town that had war declared on it. (Only if Land Protection, National Security, or Land Clearing casus belli were used to start the war).

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