Alathra Wiki Contest 2021 Winners!

It took longer than expected to get through all of the great wiki articles, but after long debate we're finally ready to announce our winners for the first Alathra wiki contest! To showcase some of the best pages we saw, we're listing some of the runner ups as well for your reading pleasure. We highly recommend you take a look and read through these pages!

Spawn will be updated with the winning nation's colors sometime over the next week.

Judges will be designing the custom artifact rewards based on the content of the winning pages, reference made, and in-game cultures. These rewards will be released at a later date and handled with privately with the winner(s).

Town Category

Town of Redna

The majority of the history that happens on a server like this happens at a town-level. So many of the town pages were just filled with great information, it's amazing how much content people were able to write for their towns.

Redna - WINNER

Redna's article is great. It's obvious that the authors had a good sense for what makes a good wiki article: all the information is laid out in well-organized way. One of our favourite sections is the one about the town's culture. Great to see such developed lore.


Aranholme's page is filled with to the brim with lots of content and is well worth the read when you have the time. Reading this page feels almost like reading a novel.


The Haven page is very well formatted, and integrates itself well into the rest of the wiki, frequently referencing other pages and events to allow further reading of specific parts of it's history.


HighTide is filled with great history and culture, and this page does a great job of presenting this in a clean and clear manner.

Nation Category

Arcadian Senate Building

Creating a nation page can be a difficult task. Most of the day to day lore doesn't happen on a large enough scale to affect an entire nation at once, yet internally within a nation so much can go on that it's difficult to keep track of it all. We believe these pages have done a good job encompassing what exactly a good nation page can be.

Arcadian Altanate - WINNER

This page is a great example of going above and beyond to add lore to a nation outside of just what happens in the game specifically. From including a coat of farms on the sidebar, to embedding a national anthem, this page is formatted well and is able to turn normally un-notable events such as planting bamboo around the area into something that's both interesting an informative (look at the Ecology section of their page).

Fossore Republic

Fossore may be no more, but its wiki article is still here. It is filled to the brim with lore - we're still in awe in the size of this beast of a page. A lot of thought clearly went into how the nation works, and it shows. We can't think of many more examples of nations in Alathra with full constitutions and laws.

Other Category

Alliance troops before the battle

This category was set up to encompass all of the non-Towny pages, anything from major RP events to character pages and everything in between! Because of the sheer number of great pages in this category we decided to give out prises for two smaller sub-categories: best character page and best event/item page.

RapturedSplicer - WINNER

One of the best player articles has to be the one for RapturedSplicer of Lydoneia. RapturedSplicer's back story is an amazing example of taking past events (the Ashina-KOG war) and building on it, creating a character that could only have come from Alathra. Awesome page.


A great runner-up for the character sub-category, Senate has created a well formatted page filled with lots of information and back story for his character.

Pultria Crisis - WINNER

The Pultria Crisis is an event that, in retrospect, marks a real turning point in the server and its history. This article absolutely does it justice. It's one of the most painstakingly detailed pages on the entire wiki, with dates and times for each of the most important events. It is a fantastic read.

Codex Abyssus

There aren't very many articles written about the books or artifacts of Alathra, but this page does a great job of documenting a book in-game beyond just what is written within the pages.

Ashina-Kingdom of God War

This page was able to take a major server event that ended rather disappointingly and turn it into something that is entertaining to read and makes it stand out as one of the better event pages written to date.