Alathra Wiki Contest 2022 Winners!

After much anticipation, we are excited to announce the winners of the second annual Alathra Wiki Contest!

We had numerous submissions to go through and so many great pages to pick from! Winners were selected from each major category on the main wiki. Due to the influx of great entries in certain categories, we will be awarding two winners for a couple categories this year!

Below you can find the full list of all the winners from this year's competition along with some notable runner-ups that we highly recommend reading through as well!

The staff will discuss and work with the winners of this year's wiki contest to design and create custom artifact rewards based on the contents of the respective winning pages.

Nation Category

Map of TiirtaAavot Jat

TiirtaÄävot Jat - WINNER

TiirtaÄävot Jat is a great example of what every nation should strive for in a wiki page. The info card is in depth, complete with a national anthem. There are plenty of images to give you an idea of the sights of the nation. There's rich history and lore that are well presented and easy to follow. Very well written article.

Solar Empire of Arith

The Solar Empire of Arith article is another great example of a nation wiki page. There is much lore to be dissected, and it is clear that a lot of effort was put into this page. We really enjoyed reading this one.

Fossores Republic

The Fossores Republic page certainly is filled with a lot of history that pre-dates much of the player base on the server. It's very cool to see so much planning and history condensed into one wiki page.

Town Category

Town of Cyanus

Cyanus - WINNER

The Cyanus article is a perfect example of what we look for in town wikis. Not only is the original art very impressive, but the description of the historical buildings and their significance, as well as the culture section, were all very well thought out and put together. Nice!

Item/Artifact Category

The Hive

Battle Hoe - WINNER

The Battle Hoe article is, to put it incredibly blunt, impressive. There is a lot to take in, and it is clear that much effort was put into the history of it. It's very neat to see the evolution of the item as it goes through history, and to see the way it is appreciated by all those who utilize one.

The Hive - WINNER

The Hive article is a great example of what to do when you find an artifact on the server. Items like artifacts need their own lore, and the author did a fantastic job of giving the reader a fundamental understanding of what the Hive is, its history, and what it is capable of.

Player Category

Twyst Character Sketch

Twyst - WINNER

Twyst's page is nothing short of impressive. Seeing his character develop over time, closely accompanied by a VERY in-depth and complete wiki page, is very satisfying. The art alone and the descriptions of events from his perspective certainly are deserving. Watching his character and backstory continue to unfold are something we are excited about!

Sayyid - WINNER

Sayyid's page is rich with history and great images chronicling his adventures in Alathra. Unique items to his lore, events told from his perspective, and an in-depth backstory really tie the page together.

Aglarian Aran'Lúnarya

Aglarian's page is a great example of quality. If it wasn't obvious based upon his fantastic posts in #lore-worldbuilding on the Discord, he really has a knack for character development and story telling. Aglarian is such a great character that we are excited to see more of.

Marigold LeFaye

Marigold LeFaye's page is packed with great original art and a fantastic backstory. We really loved reading about The Resting Rose and its importance to her character, as well as the intertwining storylines with the rest of the Lethonian characters we know on Alathra!

Places Category

Redwood Cave Entrance

Redwood Cave - WINNER

Redwood Cave's article is awesome! So much history and detail that you should check out on this page. The art is fantastic, the lore is excellent, and it really shows that a lot of thought was put into this. Great work!

Religion Category

The Great Solis

Solaris - WINNER

The Solaris article is well done. So much effort was put into telling a story here, and it felt like reading a sacred religious text. The way the religion operates, its realms and history, the religious books themselves and unique sacred items are great! This is very impressive.


The Imphiel article is another great example of effort. We can clearly see the major strides made in creative thinking as well as utilization of art that acts as a guide through the article, giving context. Very well put together.

Organizations Category

Order of the Eternal Seal Logo

Order of the Eternal Seal - WINNER

The Order of the Eternal Seal article is very well put together. There are many organizations that have existed in Alathra, but this one definitely is the most fleshed out. The different formalities, hierarchies and duties make for a great read, and we really look forward to seeing this develop more in the future!

General Lore

The Aitectli People

Aitectli - WINNER

The Aitectli article is very impressive and gives insight into the creativity of Alathra's player base. The information presented is detailed, clear, concise, and includes descriptive photos of what is presented in the article. Well done!


The Barium article is very creative and includes some great lore behind an interesting species. The different descriptions of each species, flora and fauna and history really tie the page together well.

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